About me
Hello beauties! I’m Katt,¬†and welcome to my little space on the internet. I’m 24 years old, and live in Oxford with my four little fur babies. I have an small obsession with everything beauty, oh – and shoes!

About my blog
I’m super new to blogging, having only started to research and set up my blog in March 2017. I’m really excited for you to hear my thoughts on¬†beauty products, in particular subscription beauty boxes – because i’m slightly obsessed with them!

Why did I start a blog?
For years I have been an avid watching of over 20 beauty youtubers, which really sparked my interest in beauty products and make up tutorials. Since signing up for several subscription boxes, I have done nothing but encourage my friends and family to sign up too and to try products that you can’t usually find on the shelves of drugstores. My friend had the idea that I should channel my thoughts into a blog – and born was kattwolf.uk!