Birchbox ‘Mermaid Vibes’ – August 2017 Edition

The end of Summer is now less than a month away (boohoo!) and while I’m much more suited for the cooler weather and autumn vibes, I’ll still be sad when it’s over. Birchbox has treated us to a magical mermaid themed box this month, with included two full sized products. I have experienced the not so wonderful world of lost packages for the first time ever this month, so this post is coming a little later than I’d have liked, and unfortunately, also with a little less testing than my usual reviews contain.

Spectrum Collections A05 Precision Brush (from the Bomb Shell Collection) – RRP £6.99

You really really can’t go wrong with Spectrum Collections brushes, a company who are proud to say their brushes are both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Made from the softest synthetic hair these brushes are unbelievably smooth and light on your face. I’m slowly building up my collection of Spectrum brushes, and have yet to find anything that matches the quality and the price. The A05 precision brush is perfect for the final touches to your makeup – whether it’s bronzer, blush or highlighter – it’s got you covered.

I was devastated to hear that Spectrums UK warehouse was involved in a horrific fire that wiped out nearly all of their stock. You can read a full account of what happened on the local news website, here. A huge blow to any business, but the girls in charge are brave and strong minded females – so expect bigger and better things from them in the future!

Number 4 Sugar Texturising Spray – RRP £20

I’ve loved N4 products ever since I received a sample of their Exiler Restore and Repair Oil over a year ago, which is still my favourite oil treatment to this day, and I think this spray definitely lives up to the expectations I had for it. Made from sugar cane, this spray aims to provide soft and bouncy ‘beach inspired’ waves, which also helps to defend against humidity.

My hair is naturally pretty straight, so I find it somewhat difficult to find products which help to keep waves and curls in my hair for lengthy periods of time. This one though is spot on – and helped keep beautiful plait induced waves in all day. I can appreciate that this might not work for everybody’s hair types, but it’s been a pleasant experience with mine.

Whisk Renewing Mud Mask – RRP £29

Birchbox’s warning to do a patch test before using this mask all over the face got me a tad alarmed about the ingredients of this product, but I’ve yet to have a reaction to anything hair, skin or beauty related so it didn’t put me off too much.

Pleasantly fragranced, this mask wasn’t the easiest to distribute and to be honest even though a thin layer was recommended, it still seemed like a lot of the mask was needed to get good coverage. There also was barely anything in the sample, so i’ve only been able to test it twice.

The mask dried out my face quite a bit, which for my oily skin was great but I wouldn’t recommend it for someone who already has dry skin. I didn’t really feel like anything was happening while it was on, but after each use my face felt tighter and looked visibly smoother.

I imagine that regular use of this would help dry out my skin enough that my blemishes would near enough disappeared. I think this has a lot of potential, but due to the size of the sample, I haven’t been able to test it thoroughly.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse OR Multi-Usage Dry Oil Shimmer – RRP £20

A lot of rave around this product, and a popular item for beauty boxes – so it’s I think the 3rd sample of this I’ve had. In general, I love NUXE products and it’s easy to see why this one is so popular with its growing list of possible uses.

I always thought the shimmer you got from this would be overpowering, but really it’s subtle enough for everyday use. Whether it’s in your hair, mixed with your moisturizer, or straight onto the skin I really think this product makes you look glowing!

LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Rock Ready – RRP £8

Out of all the products in this months box, this is the one that I was the least excited about – but it’s actually been a bit of a dark horse. There were two shades of shadow sent out to subscribers this month – Rock Ready, a shimmery dark chocolate brown, or Out of your Shell, a light shimmery white/cream. If it were up to us to choose, I would have gone for the lighter shade, as they suit my face and skin tone better, but on this occasion, I was sent Rock Ready which at first was rather disappointing.

Needless to say, my mind has been completely converted, 1) to shadow sticks in general, and 2) to the darker brown shades. LOC have created a super creamy formula which meant the application was quick and smooth. The darker shade really helps to build a smokey eye too, which I’ve never been able to get the hang of before, but I think maybe this product might be able to help me perfect it!


After what I thought was a disappointing July box, Birchbox have redeemed themselves this month, at least for me. Let me know what you thought of this months box!

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