Birchbox X Ohh Deer – January 2018 Edition

Christmas is over, I’ve eaten too much chocolate and the January sales are coming to a close but I’m still surviving on pennies for the time being due to being such a last minute Christmas shopper (I know, I never learn!). But there’s still one good thing that postie can deliver, and that’s a little subscription box full of beauty treats.

Birchbox have started 2018 on a high note, and have got a pretty dreamy collaboration going on. If you’ve not previously come across Ohh Deer then you’re in for a real treat, and this month’s box was designed by a very talented illustrator, Chloe Hall.

NUXE Prodigieux Shower Oil – RRP £10.50

We’ll start with NUXE, the ever so popular luxury brand and a regular addition to beauty boxes. In fact, even though I am a fan of their products, I don’t think I’ve ever gone out and bought anything in full size; I’m pretty much kept afloat with samples!

A pretty easy way to keep me happy is to give me something that sparkles, shimmers or glows – so thank you Birchbox, for this golden shimmery goodness in the form of a shower oil. Enthused with NUXE’s signature scent – a mix of orange blossom, magnolia and vanilla – this shower oil aims to leaves your skin feeling silky and nourished with a subtle afterglow.

Even though it’s an oil, it lathers up surprisingly well and does a good job of making any shower or bath feel like a well deserved pampering session. I can’t say the shimmer was all that noticeable, but the smell was glorious without being overpowering.

Parlour Moisturizing Sea Salt Spray – RRP £17

Historically, I’ve never got on with sea salt sprays. They’ve always managed to tangle my hair into unmanageable situations, and half the time my hair has ended up sticky rather than volumised. Rather than bin straight away, I decided to give Parlour the benefit of the doubt, and thankfully they came through.

Birchbox describe the smell of this to be ripe peaches, fresh cut grass and white woods – though I personally don’t get these scents, and instead it reminds me exactly like I’d expect a sea salt spray to smell – of those moments after you’ve been swimming in the sea, and you’re wrapped up in a towel trying to dry off. Ahh, bliss.

Overall I’m really impressed with this – and managed to create myself some really beautiful and bouncy beach waves when using it as a styling spray.

While I have no negatives with the product; at an RRP of £17 for a 147ml bottle, I don’t think it’s something I’ll be splashing out on a bigger bottle just yet.

Marcelle Waterproof Eyeliner in Charcoal – RRP £10.99

14 year old me would have been flipping out at this being in a box – I didn’t go anywhere without jet black eyeliner on my waterline! These days, liquid and felt tip liners rule the roost – but I still think pencil liners are a regularly forgotten dark horse.

This month subscribers received a travel-sized liner in the shade Charcoal, which isn’t as dark as I’d usually go for but it actually worked out nice and subtle on certain eye looks which I was really pleased with. It worked well to blend out into a smokey eye look due to its super creamy formula and has an added bonus of being waterproof. Although it doesn’t claim to be, it’s smudge-proof too – I’m really bad when it comes to rubbing my eyes without realising and smudging my makeup, but this one was pretty good at staying put.

Marcelle is a fairly new brand to me, but I’m pleased my first introduction has been such a lovely product.

Lord & Berry Blusher Crayon in Peach – £15

I LOVE Lord & Berry products, so I’m really bummed that this one hasn’t quite met my expectations. There were two available shades for this blush crayon – though I left it to chance and received peach, which as you can see above is an orangy-brown colour.

To have a blush in the form of a crayon seems like a strange concept to me, and while this could definitely be a worthwhile product, I think the crayon is just a little too stiff to be able to work it to its full potential. Blush is one of the last products you apply, but it became virtually impossible to blend out without ruining the products already on my face, and several attempts later I looked like I’d let a child loose with a box of Crayola and my face as their canvas.

I really think this could work well if the product was a little creamier, but as I don’t often use blush, I’ll stick with the easy choice and continue to use powder!

Afterspa Amazing Makeup Remover – RRP £5.50

I honestly always thought that these were a total myth – but this cloth has proved they are instead a total gamechanger. We all know removing makeup is a chore, I currently use three different products on a daily basis to remove my makeup. Using just warm water, the soft fibres of the cloth work to cling onto your makeup, removing everthing in its path with one swipe. It claims to remove ALL types of makeup, including waterproof. And while I have no doubts on that this statement could ring true for many users, my mascara put up a pretty good fight.

I believe this to be a sample sized cloth, so i’m really considering purchasing the full sized one – at £5.50 for a machine washable reusable cloth, I think its pretty reasonable, and cuts my product usage down by two thirds at least!

I really think Birchbox have excelled themselves this month, and really kicked 2018 off on a high note. From the box design to the beautifully selected products, its quite possibly been one of my favourite Birchboxes so far! If you get Birchbox or have tried any of these products before, let me know in the comments!









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