Elf Cosmetics Brush Storage

I was super excited when elf cosmetics appeared in my local Superdrug – it’s not the biggest store, so it was pretty surprising for such a brand to occupy the space. While this makes it easier for me to top up on one of my favourite foundations, there’s still only a small selection in store – and anything else I have to eagerly await for it to be shipped from Canada.

Queue – the elf brush storage holder. I’ve been looking around for a good brush holder for a while that would fit in nicely with the theme of my office (that I’m currently building in my head, soon to be a reality in the next couple of months!). So many seem too bulky, or quite cheap and tacky looking.

Elf made their ‘Play Beautifully’ brush holders in two sizes – small (£6/£8) and large (£15/£18), and in two colours – black and white.

The exterior of the box has a really nice smooth matte effect, with the elf branding on one side and nothing on the other. The matte effect, unfortunately, makes it easier to mark, but it’s super easy and quick to clean when this happens. The interior is split into 5 compartments, which I’ve found it great for splitting up my brushes into different sections for face and eyes.

You could definitely get away with using the larger holder for storing eye and lip liners, or even liquid lipsticks, and if you bought multiple of these, they’d slot really well next to each other as part of your storage collection.

All in all, I’m super happy with this holder – and at £18, I don’t think it’s overly expensive either.

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