Look Fantastic ‘Wanderlust’ Beauty Box – June 2017 Edition

Look Fantastic’s June ‘Wanderlust’ Edition has been the third beauty box I’ve received from the company, and so far it’s been the one I’ve been most excited about each month. Not only do they send a fantastically designed and packed box, there’s the added bonus of a complimentary copy of ELLE magazine – this month featuring one of my favourites artists, Lana Del Rey. As someone who regularly buys ELLE, I like to think it justifies my box obsession that I also save a fiver on my magazine subscription!

This month has been one of the best boxes I’ve ever had, with has included two favourite brands of mine – Balance Me and Bella Pierre.

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Facial Radiance Pads – RRP £12 (28 pads) or £24 (60 pads)

Facial Radiance Pads are something I’ve tended to avoid spending money on, purely because I’ve never understood their purpose. I guess the phrase ‘don’t knock it until you’ve tried it’ is key here because I’ve fallen slightly in love with these. Promising to help exfoliate, tone and brighten, these pads should be used after cleansing, and either once or twice daily. I’ve been using these after cleansing, but before moisturising and priming, and while the brightening element hasn’t really poked his head through yet, the pads definitely help to create a smooth base for my foundation and soften my rough patches of skin.

The 28 pad pot is also the perfect size for cabin luggage, meaning they came along with me for a week in Marbella! First Aid Beauty are a completely new brand to me, but one I will be investigating more in the future.

Monu Rosewood Reviving Mist – RRP £19.95

This product seems to be popular with beauty boxes in the UK as this is the third bottle I’ve received in a box, though I have yet to write my thoughts on it. This mist is described as lightweight, containing a blend of lemon, rosewood and sandlewood to refresh and help revive a fatigued skin complexion. While it’s not your purpose built setting spray, it can also work well as a makeup setter to help add a dewy glow to your look. I can’t say it has me running to the shops in search for more, and to be perfectly honest I haven’t yet to finish the first bottle I received, let alone the third! But having said that, it is a very refreshing mist and has done me well during the recent heatwave in the UK to keep my skin glowing and nourished. Along with a lovely (but strong) floral scent, it’s a good size to keep in your makeup or hand bag to take with you wherever you go.

Abit pricey at £19.95 for 180ml, but I can see why it’s got good reviews on their website.

Kerastase Bodifying Shampoo – RRP £18.60

Kerastase has created a huge range of hair care products, for all sorts of results and hair types. I received the bodyfying shampoo, which i’m a little disappointed about.. my hair doesn’t need any more volume in it, it’s thick enough! Alas, i’m always one to make the best out of a bad decision, and i’ve still tested it out. I can’t say it added any more volume to my hair (thankfully!) but it’s been a while since my hair has been that soft. The product also has a glorious smell to it. It’s not quite Herbal Essences smell, but it’s still one to get me sniffing my hair whilst i’m walking round a supermarket!

A pretty steep price for something that didn’t do for me what it was supposed to do, whether I wanted it or not, but the travel sized bottle will be handy to keep for weekends away.

Balance Me Balancing Face Moisturiser – RRP £24

Balance Me has become one of my absolute favourite brands recently and it’s easy to see why when their products are so good for your skin and made with 99% natural ingredients. The balancing face moisturiser aims to calm and reduce blemishes, whilst lightly hydrating and brightening your skin. I really struggle to find moisturisers that don’t bring out the oil in my skin, particularly around my t-zone, but this one is purposly built for combination skin. It’s light enough that it doesn’t clog up my pores underneath foundation, but keeps my skin nicely hydrated through out the day and night.

I received a 15% off code for signing up to their newsletter via their website, so i’ve recently stocked up on a few bottles of this for future!

BellaPierre Shimmer Highlighter in Exite – RRP £12.99

I don’t own alot of BellePierre products, but what I do own has failed to disappoint me, and even though I don’t do a full face of makeup that often, highlighters are still my favourite piece of makeup. I was super happy to receive this, as i’d read really good reviews. It’s highly pigmented, so you only need the smallest amount to give your cheeks a real pop. It’s quite possibly too bold for everyday wear, but is definitely a star product to rock if you’re out on the town!

The amount of product you get in the pot vs. how little you need to apply makes me believe £12.99 is a bargain price for this highlighter, and a must have for any makeup enthusiastic.

Hailey Baldwin for ModelCo Super Lips Lipgloss in Biz – RRP £18

Unfortunately I can’t give this a proper thorough review, as I haven’t really tested it out.. i’m just not a gloss kinda girl! From the one application i’ve done it seems like a really thick formula, and has the potential to be long lasting. The colour Biz is also stunning, a really deep nude shade. If this ever came in a matte lip i’d be all over it, but for now I can keep wishing!

Look Fantastic never fail to excite me with their boxes, and i’m super excited to see what we get for July!


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