Love Me Beauty – May 2017 Edition

This is my second month of receiving Love Me Beauty, and so far i’m really impressed. LMB is a unique subscription service, that allows you to chose your own products, using credits. At basic level, you get given 60 credits to spend on a selection of products in ‘the edit’, but you have the option to purchase more credits if you want to. Obviously, the more credits the more goodies. The biggest bonus of this is you only receive products that you’ve chosen – rather than them getting picked for you based on a beauty profile.

This month I chose products from two brands – Nuxe and Manna Kadar.

Nuxe Gentle Exfoliating Gel – 10 Credits

I’ve been a real big fan of Nuxe for a while, so much so that I nearly peed myself when I found them in an aisle in Boots the other week. While I am ecstatic about this discovery, I have yet to need to buy a full sized product because they’re quite popular in beauty boxes, and I receive them quite regularly. I guess normally people would be annoyed to keep receiving the same brand, but not me.

This product contains small bits of dried rose petals, which gently but effectively exfoliate your face to give you a really smooth texture. I said in my May Birchbox post that I find it hard to find a good exfoliator for my skin, and while this doesn’t trump Dr Brandt it’s a very close second! £16 for a full sized bottle (75ml) I think it’s worth the money.

Nuxe Face Cleaning and Make-up Removing Gel – 10 Credits

I’m terrible when it comes to properly remove my make-up each day, so a make-up remover and cleaner in one sounded like an ideal life to me. Nuxe have such a smooth formula in this product that it feels like I’m giving myself a mini facial at the same time. Made with honey and sunflower, it works to soothe your skin as well as cleanse it. So far, I can’t find any faults with it, and it’s even worked well to remove waterproof foundation. What’s even better is the gentle exfoliating gel can also be mixed in with this for a 2-in-1 cleansing routine.

A 200ml bottle of this magical liquid is £14.50, and will soon be making its way into my make-up bag and my everyday routine.

Manna Kadar LipLock Stain in Sienna – 20 Credits

I’m not really one for lipstick or gloss, but I was pretty impressed by previous make-up products I’ve tested by Manna Kadar that I wanted to give this a try. There were three shades to choose from, but I went for the most subtle looking shade – Sienna. The application of this is really easy, it glided on without any hassle, and melted into my lip seamlessly. Any messy mistakes were easy to wipe away with minimal disruption to foundation – always a bonus. Once on it did stay for a couple of hours, which is impressive to me since I constantly lick my lips (probably why I don’t wear lippy in the first place!). My only downfall was that the colour is quite bold, and not as subtle as it looks in the tube. For someone as pasty as me, it didn’t suit an everyday make-up wear, it was more of a going out statement lip.

I can’t fault the product itself, just a shame about the shade on me. But I plan to look at what others they have going in their collection! $24 and some likely high shipping costs to the UK, i’ll pop purchasing MK products on the cards for a later date.

Manna Kadar Runway Ready Face Primer – 20 Credits

I am so terrible and lazy when it comes to priming my face before makeup, that I’ve always opted for a quick and easy moisturiser and primer combo from Nivea. When this popped up on the edit, I thought it would be good to finally try a proper face primer, to see if I was actually missing out on something amazing. Turns out, i may well have been. The texture of this is like velvet. It smoothed so evenly over my face, giving my skin such a luxurious feel and matte look. A small amount really went a long way with this. In terms of the effect it had on my makeup lasting the day, I can’t say I noticed it compeletely out performing the Nivea product I use. But I do think this would be a really good contender to hold heavier event or going out make-up. The thought of this being $42 makes me want to cry a little, so for now i’ll keep dreaming!


So far I’ve been really impressed with Love Me Beauty. Each month comes with a uniquely designed makeup bag, which really looks like they’ve had a lot of thought put into them. Their monthly product selection isn’t great, but when you only have a certain amount of credits, it can be frustrating to choose from a lot of choices anyway. I’m currently on a three-month subscription, but I think I’ll keep subscribed as long as their product selection doesn’t recycle too much.


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