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I came across Beauty Pie whilst flicking through a magazine last spring, and I’ve been totally hooked on the brand since. If you haven’t heard of Beauty Pie, their aim is pretty simple – to provide you with luxury high-end beauty products but for factory prices. The only catch is you have to pay a monthly subscription fee for a minimum period of three months, as well as being limited in the total value of your order each time – but I believe it is worth every penny.

Beauty Pie’s first big launch of 2018 is a new skincare range called Japanfusion. After falling madly in love with several of their skincare items since I’ve discovered them (get your hands on their Fruitizyme Five Minute Facial, I promise you will not be disappointed), I jumped at the chance to bag this range.

Imported straight from a leading skincare lab in Japan, J-Beauty is really giving Korean Beauty a run for their money, and it’s easy to see why with Japanfusion. There are four products in the range, which you can buy as a set or individually, including a cleanser and a three-step treatment – a prep lotion, a treatment serum and supreme cream.

The Products

The products in the range have been created as an all-inclusive step by step skincare regime. There’s a real benefit to using products that have specifically been designed to be used together – the ingredients in each product create a powerhouse when it comes to solving all your skin problems, bouncing off each other to work miracles.

All four products are created to work with all skin types, and contain some key ingredients for your skin’s health:

  • Nmfission Moisture-Lock – plain and simple this is basically a yeast extract which delivers moisture and firmness to your face, producing visibly energized skin and reduces the visibility of lines and wrinkles.
  • Jabra Extract – harvested from a Japanese citrus fruit, this extract is rich in vitamins and polyphenols. With the aim to help reduce the appearance of pigmentation in the skin, jabra extract is a good ingredient to slow the effects of skin ageing.
  • Delamyth DNA+ Grape Extract – taken from the peels of the Deleware grape, this extract is proven to help sooth the skin and counteract UV related damage.

You can find a full list of each product’s ingredients on Beauty Pies website.

Pure Transforming Cleanser – 100ML, £25* retail price, £5.68* members price

We’ll start from the top, with the Pure Transforming Cleaner. This cleaner starts off as a gel, which once mixed with water transforms to a milky consistency, very similar to NAOBAY’s Equilibria Gel to Milk Cleanser. Beauty Pie claim that this cleaner can remove all traces of makeup with ease, including waterproof mascara! With the intention of eliminating all grub from your skin, including oils, it creates the perfect clean base for the next 3 products in the range.

There is little to no fragrance to this particular product, though it has a luxuriously silky texture. While Japanfusion works better as a set, you could easily get away with using this product each day on its own.

Hydra Prep Lotion (Step 1) – 150ML, £25* retail price, £5.77* members price

Next up in the range is the Hydra Prep Lotion. This lotion is filled with antioxidants, prepared to hydrate, smooth and protect your skin from pollution. Thanks to the power of the Pure Transforming Cleaner, this lotion is able to sink deep into the skin to create a barrier against future dirt getting in. It also does well to create a flawless base for your makeup.

Unlike the cleaner, the lotion has a more distinctive smell to it, though in no way is it bad. This can be applied using a cotton pad, though I found that my face benefited much more when applied with my fingertips.

Deep-Treatment Serum (Step 2) – 50ML, £75* retail price, £7.95* members price

I’m a total sucker for serums, and one of my all-time favourite Beauty Pie products is the Super Healthy Skin Daily Vitamin Defence Serum, so I had pretty high hopes for this one. 2-3 pumps of this serum is plenty to cover the whole face, and it’s quick to soak in. A key benefit of this deep treatment serum is to help the skin retain its moisture for longer, and it works well as a building block for the final step of the Japanfusion range.

While using this serum I definitely noticed my skin facing similar positive effects to the Vitamin Defense Serum, and my skin was visibly brighter after each application.

Supreme Cream (Step 3) – 50ML, £100* retail price, £10.01* members price

J-Beauty’s key secret to beautiful luminous skin is filling it to the brim with moisture – and this cream is perfect for doing just that. Though it’s quite a thick formula, you only need a small amount to really boost your skin’s hydration. The Supreme Cream does a fantastic job of keeping skin looking plump, dewy and luminous, and for longer.

Although the products are formulated to work with all skin types, I felt like this was the only product in the range to let me down a little, and I definitely feel like it was much more formulated to those with drier skin. This cream felt rather heavy on my oily skin, particularly around my t-zone. In no way does that make it a bad product, I’ve just found for my skin it benefited me much more as an overnight cream than for the daytime.

My Verdict

I’m really rather lucky that I don’t have troublesome skin, but even without bad breakouts or blemishes, I could see and feel a positive improvement in my skin, even after just a few days of daily use. The products really do work together well, and for me, the serum was the real star product from the Japanfusion range.

Without a membership, this set will set you back £225*, so you’re much better off purchasing as a member which is a mere fraction of the cost, at £28.32*.

Have you tried any of Beauty Pie’s skincare sets? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. 6th April 2018 / 4:55 am

    I’ll have to try this skincare lineup. It looks like just what I need!

  2. 7th April 2018 / 4:09 pm

    Is it bad that I’m kind of sucked into these products purely based on the packaging? I’d pretty much made my mind up that I wanted them from seeing your photos, before I actually read the post!

    xo Millie

    • kattwolf
      8th April 2018 / 7:19 pm

      Not at all, I’m exactly the same! The packaging of their makeup products reminds me a lot of Bobbi Brown too!

  3. 8th April 2018 / 1:50 pm

    Oh Ive heard so much about Beauty pie. the packaging on this is lovely! Your right, it does sounds like great value for money x

  4. 8th April 2018 / 10:07 pm

    I didn’t know they did skincare! I honestly can’t believe how much cheaper it is. I’ve been unsure about whether to try Beauty Pie for ages now but you have some insane bargains here so it might be time for me to take the plunge and try it out x


    • kattwolf
      9th April 2018 / 12:37 pm

      I’ve started to move more towards buying their skincare than their makeup now, I just feel like it really works for me! It’s a bit of a plunge when signing up as you’re stuck for a minimum of 3 months, but I find it worth it even if it is just to stock up on products each month.

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