The Pip Box – October 2017 Edition

I recently cancelled a whole bunch of my monthly subscription boxes, as I was getting a lot of repeat items and quite frankly, my collection of samples had grown so large that I really needed to do something about it before it got out of hand! The Pip Box, however, was one that I didn’t cancel and each month it never fails to introduce me to a whole bunch of new brands I’ve never come across before. Whats even better is the contents are always varied and 100% cruelty-free.

This months box was beyond fantastic, so much so that the contents were practically bursting out of the box. What made it even better was that we got three discount codes to use and this box totalled over £50.

Figs and Rouge Clarifiante Purifying Cleansing Facial Wash – RRP £20 –

We’ll start with the biggest item and the one that was eager to burst out of this months box. This is a full sized 150ml face wash, which is designed to help with inflammation, detoxify the skin and eliminate skin impurities. I’ve replaced my regular face wash with this gel for the last week, using it morning and evening as part of my cleansing routine. So far I’ve had a really positive experience with it. It’s really gentle on the skin, lathers up with ease, and has done quite a sterling job of address my oily t-zone.

It’s definitely a match for my current favourite Balance Me products!

Guiltless Skin Organic Face Oil – RRP £18 –

I generally avoid face oils if I can, purely because I have quite an oily t-zone and honestly, who wants to make that worse?! But I also get really dry cheeks, especially in the morning when I wake up and even more so in the Winter, so I have trialled this a few times as part of my night regime on my cheeks and neck only.

I’m quite pleasantly surprised with the results I’ve had. I half expected to wake up with super greasy skin, but I had quite the opposite. My face felt moisturised and really smooth. I think this is a product that can do magic for you if you suffer from dry skin.

It won’t be a product I’ll jump for each day purely because my face doesn’t really need more oil, but one I’ll keep on my radar for when my skin needs a good TLC.

ITHA Organic Lip Glow in Happy – RRP £4.50 –

I don’t often wear lipstick or glosses, so I’m a complete sucker when it comes to chapsticks! Itha have packed this lovely little one with cocoa butter and jojoba oil, and plenty of antioxidants rich in vitamin E. Aimed to keep your lips nicely moisturised and protected, this lip glow has a gorgeous sweet smell to it too.

I struggle in Winter with really chapped and sore lips – no matter what I use or how much or it. So far I’m really loving this product, but I’ll give this chapstick the real test over the next few months!

Cougar Beauty Mineral Eyeshadow – RRP £12.99 (per trio) –

The Pip Box this month comes with one of three different coloured shadows from the Cougar Cosmetics Copper Trio, all packaged neatly in a cute little screw lid pot, along with a swish little double-ended application brush.

The powder itself has a very fine consistency but picks up really nicely on the brush. It’s not the most buildable eyeshadow, but I think it really suits for a simple effortless daytime look. I’ve worn it a couple of days at work on its own, and it’s had good staying power, and I can’t say I’ve noticed bad creasing either. I have yet to try blending it with other shadows to see how it comes out, but so far I’m liking it!

HJ Manicure Non Toxic Nail Polish – £9.50 –

I got the shade Coco in my box, and I’ve got to says its the PERFECT colour for Autumn!

This toxic free polish is made without all those nasties known to give you skin irritations, and whats even better is they are cruelty-free and vegan. The polish itself I found to be of quite a thin consistency, though this really helped with a smooth and precise application. Two coats and around 10 minutes later and my nails were fully dried.

My full-time job means I spent my day typing away at a computer, so I always expect a few chips in any polish – but overall I’m impressed with the staying power. I kept it on for a total of 5 days, but it would definitely have lasted a few more.

JH Manicure creates around 20 unbelievably beautiful colours, and as a completely new brand to me, it’s definitely one I’ll look into buying more from in future!

VERDICT: Overall I’m really pleased with this months box, and with 4 of the 5 items being from brands I hadn’t ever heard of or tried before, I’m rather happy with it!

If you’re not already signed up to the Pip Box, you can do so at 10% off your first box when you subscribe to their newsletter, and if you check out their twitter (@thepipbox) you can usually find some codes for freebies with your first order!





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